CSR in China



Research Notes:

  1. What is CSR? People, Planet and Profit.
    1. Provision of reliable, eco-friendly, safe products;
    2. Worker protection and welfare
    3. Corporate philanthropy, charities, and community development.
    4. CSR reports, etc.
  2. Why CSR? the debates.
    1. Nature of business
    2. Cover up
  3. CSR in China: Factors
    1. Growing environmental and safety concerns of the society.
    2. Rise of civil society
    3. Publicity.
    4. Government-driven projects: “For example, the Chinese government announced plans in 2009 to spend billions on tree planting and reforestation. In turn, many companies in China have launched tree-planting initiatives as part of their CSR efforts.”
    5. SOEs to repay the society. “The state-owned enterprise is the leading edge of corporate social responsibility at the moment.”
      1. 2007 SASAC’s Guidelines on Fulfiling Social Responsibility by Centra Enterprises.
    6. Rise of private philanthropy and volunteerism
    7. 2005 Company Law revision.
      1. State Grid was the only Chinese company to file an CSR Report in 2006. In 2012, 1,722 Chinese companies published CSR reports.
  4. Is Codification a Solution?